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Experts say taking responsibility is the first step to curing alcoholism

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(WBNG) -- When faced with a million excuses for where his life turned out wrong, Fairview Recovery Center Addiction Recovery Coach James 'Murph' Shea said he finally took responsibility for his actions.

Shea has been in recovery from alcohol addiction for roughly thirty years, and is now an addiction recovery coach for the Fairview Recovery Center. He told 12 News the only way his life started moving forward was when he reconciled with his past.

"I never would have advanced forward in this process if I didn't start taking responsibility, so it's key I believe," Shea said Monday. "Once I take responsibility for my actions and try to improve on that then I can move forward, and it's all about moving forward."

Trying to currently move forward is U.S. Congressman Tom Reed (R, NY-23), who recently revealed he sought out treatment for alcoholism back in 2017; Reed cited his struggles with alcohol as part of a statement he released in response to an allegation he inappropriately touched a woman and fumbled with her bra without her consent in 2017.

Shea said while you can't give addicts a pass and you must hold them accountable for their actions, he said he can relate to their struggles. He added, alcoholism can take complete control of your life, until nothing else really remains.

Reed said he hopes to make amends for his past actions and won't be running for office in the next election cycle.

Shea said watch for dramatic changes in loved ones' behavior as signs they might be struggling with as well.

Josh Rosenblatt

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