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It’s official. Battery recycling facility will not come to Endicott, company says


ENDICOTT (WBNG) -- Monday, SungEel MCC Americas announced in a news release that it will not establish itself in Endicott.

The battery recycling facility said it will look to locate itself somewhere else in the country, citing "a divisive local political climate, rampant misinformation and the timing of the election year" as preventing progress on its ability to locate in the village.

The battery facility would have been located on the Huron Campus.

The full statement by SungEel MCC Americas President Danish Mir is posted below:

“We at SungEel MCC Americas (SMCC) are evaluating new locations for the lithium-ion recycling facility originally planned for Endicott’s Huron Campus. While this is not the outcome we expected, a combination of a divisive local political climate, rampant misinformation and the timing of the election year have prevented progress on the project.

Since the beginning stages, SMCC has remained committed to engaging with the community throughout every step of the process, from permitting to operations and beyond. We have welcomed questions and concerns from local lawmakers and residents alike, understanding that the community would have a lot of questions about how our operations would impact their neighborhood.

We met these inquiries with proven scientific information from third parties, including the Department of Environmental Conservation, and made it our policy to be completely transparent regarding our processes and the research supporting our assertion of the processes’ safety.

We still believe that Endicott is a viable and productive community that is worthy of investment, and we hope that other industries consider it as a home for their businesses because of its promising future.

It is unfortunate that a tumultuous election year resulted in political rhetoric that spread misinformation throughout the community; a community that, now more than ever, needs the investment and job opportunities that companies like SMCC are prepared to provide.

We look forward to continuing the project, which we know is both economically and environmentally impactful, in a location that welcomes SMCC and embraces its intention to function not only as an employer and green innovator, but as a neighbor and community partner.”

In February, Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson told residents that the facility has decided not to come to come to village.

Jackson said the facility would have brought jobs to the area and restored the village's manufacturing prowess it once had.

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