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Owego Police reports uptick in car break ins


OWEGO (WBNG) -- The Owego Police Department says they've seen a rash of car break-ins in the Village recently.

They're calling them 'car larcenies' and say they've targeted both locked and unlocked vehicles.

They also say the theft of bikes and yard items we have told you about in the past is continuing as well.

Detectives are encouraging everyone to report any sort of theft to them, even if it's just change or something small.

They're also asking you to contact them if you have any security camera footage that may be relevant to the investigation as they say they're zeroing in on suspects but need more means of positive identification.

Detectives advise the public to keep their cars locked and not store any valuables inside.

The Owego Police Department can be reached at (607) 687-2234.

Jack Arpey

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