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How to protect you and your family from ticks this Spring

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- With the cold and wet weather on Friday, it might be easy to forget that tick season is upon us here in the Southern Tier.

Tick season typically starts early in the Spring once temperatures start to warm above 32°F. Over the next couple of weeks, adult ticks will actually be the most active they are all year.

It is not just the deep woods you need to be worried about this time though. Even the transition zone between a backyard and the woods is where ticks tend to be.

Experts recommend wearing long sleeves and pants along with a repellent to help protect against ticks. It also helps to wear light color clothes to help see a tick should one get on you.

If a tick does bite you, there is no need to panic. Removing a tick can be fairly simple according to Joshua Phelps, the Director of Broome County Environmental Health.

"What we recommend is using a fine tip set of tweezers. As you locate a tick, just gently fold it up so you can see exactly where it is attached to your skin. Grab it firmly with a set of tweezers and just pull straight up. You do not have to twist or rip it off or anything like that. It will come right out"

It is important to try and remove the tick as soon as you find it on your person to help prevent any diseases.

The Broome County Health Department estimates about 50 percent of the ticks in the region are carrying Lyme Disease.

If you think you have contracted Lyme Disease, officials want you to contact your doctor right away.

Jason Doris

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