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Finding The Good: Boris The Skeleton

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Boris the Skeleton

TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) -- If you drive along Country Club Road in Endwell, you might see something that looks a little out of place. Since October, Boris The Skeleton has graced the area with his 12-foot-tall presence, all to give people a smile and raise awareness for good causes.

The idea for Boris started with Samantha Dallaverde and her fiancé Scott Varcadipane, who both say they are huge fans of the spooky season.

"We love Halloween and we love Christmas and we always do a huge display for both holidays for both each year," said Samantha "He purchased the giant skeleton last year and so we put him out of Halloween."

The couple says the reactions from the public with Boris have been better than they ever could've imagined.

"Oh my gosh! People are constantly stopping or pulling up and taking pictures, or beeping when we're out front and everyone loves it and thanks us a ton and are always looking forward to all of his outfit changes."

Thanks to those outlandish outfits, Samantha and Scott have been using Boris to bring attention to different causes, trying to help those in our area.

"We have a fundraiser happening right now to help Maine-Endwell Schools with kids with special needs or autism," explained Scott "So we're trying to raise that and then donate it at the end of the month."

At last check, they have raised a little more than $1400 in that fundraiser. If you'd like to help and donate, click here.

The whole reason behind Boris may not be what you think. Scott and Samantha say there is a much more personal reason.

"He [Scott] was in a really bad accident at work last year and has been out of work since January of 2020. He's an electrician and was electrocuted pretty severely," explained Samantha "We spent months in the burn unit in Syracuse, driving back and forth for appointments. And he just loved the skeleton and it cheered him up. So when we took it down after Halloween, he was like 'Why can't we put him up for Christmas?'"

But not everyone loved that idea. They say they received a letter from a neighbor soon after, saying it ruined the Christmas season for them.

"But what they didn't know, and they wrote us a letter so we couldn't explain, was Boris is up because of Scott's accident and it brought him so much joy to have the skeleton up and to keep this going."

While it's a lot of fun having Boris in their front yard, they say it isn't cheap.

"Boris cost about $300 and the outfits always vary depending on how much stuff we put on him," said Samantha "We've got a lot of donations from people mailing him letters and 'Thank You' cards and outfits to decorate him in. So that's super helpful, but it does get a little pricey decorating a giant skeleton."

But the smiles he's creating are priceless in the end. So next time you see Boris, stop and say hi, and see what good he's doing for our area.

If you want to check out Boris' Facebook page, click here!

Scott Sasina

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