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‘It’s the best way to protect yourself’ Tioga County Public Health encourages vaccination

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Health officials in Tioga County say COVID-19 numbers have ticked up slightly in recent weeks.

They are reminding everyone to not only keep wearing masks and social distancing but to get vaccinated.

Katie Wait, public health educator for Tioga County Public Health says even in light of the pause on Johnson and Johnson vaccines, they encourage people to not hold out for a particular vaccine and make an appointment as soon as they can.

"Whether its one of the ones we're putting on, whether it's from one of our clinics, whether it's a pharmacy whether it's from a primary care provider, just go and get vaccinated because I can't stress enough that it really is the best way to protect yourself against covid," she said.

Wait added that some of the increase can be attributed to asymptomatic spread.

Jack Arpey

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