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Candor family hopes Daffodil Daze will bring ‘Joy’ to those who need it


CANDOR (WBNG) -- Each spring since the mid-1970's daffodils have lined the small pond on the Zamoiski family's property on Candor Hill Road.

It was all started by Joy Zamoiski and her love for daffodils. Now 45 years later the family's love for the bright spring flowers has grown into something much bigger and even inspired the popular Daffodil Festival coming up this weekend.

"We've got a number of acres of daffodils," said Nancy Zamoiski, Joy's daughter. "55,000 daffodils that you're welcome to come stroll among. I just can't help but smile when I look at them."

Zamoiski says the display started small, but over the years the plantings grew bigger and bigger, eventually overtook the hillside next to the pond as they do today.

"We even planted her name out in daffodil's," she said. "Luckily it's a nice short name."

While everyone is welcome to come stroll the property and pick their own flowers, the family is focused on picking daffodils they hope will brighten the spirits of people who aren't able to make the trip on their own.

"Last year we were able to deliver over 42,000 daffodils to hospitals, hospice, the elderly, really anybody who needed a little pickup," she said.

Joy passed away back in 2014, and the family says this is the perfect way to keep her memory alive. They call the operation 'Extending the Joy'

"She was someone who always volunteered in the community and really cared about others and making people who are sick, or shut-in happy," said her granddaughter Carrie Centeno, who made the trip all the way from San Francisco to be a part of the celebration.

So they spend these 'Daffodil Daze' as the celebration is called, picking and trimming flowers, packing them up, and sending them off to hopefully make someone's day a little bit brighter.

"People struggle every day is a struggle for a lot of people," Nancy Zamoiski said. "After a long winter especially, it's great to see a daffodil."

The flower display will remain open through the Daffodil Festival on May 1. The family says they still need help picking, preparing, and delivering flowers. If you'd like to volunteer, they ask that you contact them on their Facebook page.

Jack Arpey

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