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Grey Whale lost in migration pattern due to Earth’s warming temp’s risks life to find Pacific

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grey whale
Grey whale lost in Mediterranean

FRANCE (WBNG) -- A young Grey whale is lost in the Mediterranean, tens of thousands of miles away from its natural habitat of the Pacific Ocean.

The whale is trying to find its way home, but biologists are concerned it will not survive the journey.

Biologists surmise the confusion of the whale's migration patterns is due to new routes north that have opened up due to climate change.

Normally, this species of whale migrates along the coast of California between Alaska and Baja California, Mexico. Biologists believe the whale swam into a new opening bringing it to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Arctic.

Moving about 50 miles per day, the whale is now approaching the coast of Spain.

Head of the state biodiversity agency in southern France, Eric Hansen said this species of whale can not find its normal source of food in the Mediterranean.

Biologists report it is only the second time they have observed a grey whale in the Mediterranean with the first being in 2010.

Abigail Lane

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