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Solar eclipse to occur Thursday morning

Johnson City (WBNG) -- Don't forget to set those alarms for early Thursday morning if you want to see the annular eclipse.

Starting at 4:40 AM, the moon will begin to eclipse the sun but because the sun does not rise over the horizon in the northeast until 5:27 AM, the Southern Tier will miss a portion of the eclipse before it comes to an end at 6:34 AM.

Due to the position of the moon being further away from Earth, there will not be any difference in sunlight compared to if it was a total eclipse. By definition, an annular eclipse does not completely block out the sun.

In order to remain safe when observing the eclipse Thursday morning, spectators will need to use special solar eclipse glasses. It is important to only use the glasses how they were intended explained Drew Deskur, the Executive Director at Kopernik Observatory. He went on to tell 12 News that during the last eclipse, someone had tried to look at the sun through a pair of binoculars with the eclipse glasses on and melted holes through the lens.

If you want to watch the eclipse but do not have any solar eclipse glasses, do not worry because Kopernik Observatory will be live streaming it all on their YouTube page. Yet there are other ways to observe this spectacle. Deskur mentions that it is also safe to use a welders mask as well.

Understandably, many people may not have a welders mask laying around so another safe way would be to put a small hole in a piece of paper or cardboard. By holding the paper or cardboard up to the sun, the eclipse should become visible in the shadow that comes through the hole.

Jason Doris

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