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President Biden replies to Maine Memorial elementary student’s letters

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MAINE (WBNG) -- Children from Maine Memorial Elementary got the surprise of a lifetime when earlier this week a letter from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave arrived at their school. 

One of the Second-Grade teachers in charge of this project Rene Contrera says it took a while for the letter from the leader of the USA to respond. 

“We sent them out right after President's Day and we received the letter this week," says Contrera.

It was all part of a lesson on how to write a friendly letter. The second-grade class got together and brainstormed questions. Some wanted to know if the President ever got a vacation, and others wanted to know what his favorite color was.  

Drew Berdine, a student at Maine Memorial told 12 News, “[I wanted to know] what a normal day would be in the White House and what he would be trying to do at that time.” 

One of his classmates, Ryan Miller, says he loves to go to Minerva, NY for outdoor activities and wanted to know if Biden had ever made a visit.  

Student Raquel Salman says she had a lot of fun writing her letter to President Biden. 

“It made me happy that he responded and actually looked at our papers, and I just felt good.” 

Contrera says she never expected the President to actually reply to the letters  

“Super exciting, it was really exciting when we brought it back in. The kid's faces were just like, wow. It was just not something you get every day, so it was really cool.” 

She adds that it's something she will never forget.  

Alex Ladstatter

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