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Hot-Rods and motorcycles return to Highland Park for annual car show

old car

ENDWELL (WBNG) -- This weekend hundreds of old and new vehicles rolled into Highland Park for the 5th annual ‘Cars and Bikes in Highland Park’ show. 

While the event is centered around cars, fun, and food, the proceeds go to a very serious cause.   

“We've given almost $20,000 to veterans in need, they have financial needs, physical needs, myself, I send them to the right people to get their benefits.” 

Says Donald Haus, one of the organizers of the event and one of the heads of the American Cruisers Car Club. He says the vets are the reason they do this car show. 

Larry Truesdell attended the event with his Mustang Shelby. A veteran himself, he says he appreciates what the car club is doing through the show. 

“Well, I think it's important you know because over the years and of course being a Vietnam veteran, we weren't treated very well when we came home so it's really nice to see this going on now.” 

He says he missed the event last year when it was shut down for COVID but is happy he can be with his friends once again. 

“Seeing my friends, seeing the guys, seeing the car guys because we are all pretty much connected. Somebody's car breaks down, we're all at his house fixing it so you know that sort of thing, that comradery.” 

The American Cruiser’s Car Club has some smaller meet-ups throughout the summer planned already but is looking forward to another successful year in 2022. 

Alex Ladstatter

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