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Unicorn Electronics to say goodbye to community after 40 years

Unicorn Electronics

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- Unicorn Electronics in Johnson City is closing its doors after 40 years.

The electronic's store said it has enjoyed serving its customers since its opening in 1980.

The owners said they have decided to retire and the business will officially close by the end of July.

One of them, Brian Sternberg, told 12 News he is looking forward to retirement but has mixed emotions.

"Working with my employees; they've been like a family to me," Sternberg said. "I guess this is one of the reasons I didn't stop the business earlier on... I've been thinking on and off about closing the store for a couple of years now. But I felt a responsibility to them as well."

In a Facebook comment, the business wrote:

Thank you for the well wishes and compliments! I'm looking forward to retirement, but I do have mixed emotions.There are many businesses and individuals that have relied on Unicorn Electronics for years. The relationships and friendships have always meant a lot to us. I feel sad that it's time to close the doors, but we've had a great run! Thanks again!

The store said it would like to send "a big thank you" to the community for its support.

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