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Vestal grad etches his name among lacrosse legends

jake nelson vestal

MISENHEIMER, NC (WBNG) -- Jared Nelson is the new all-time point scorer in NCAA men's lacrosse history.

The Vestal grad spent five seasons at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina and scored 453 points, including 300 assists.

"It is a little bit surreal... It's never been something that I've actually really kept track of. It kind of snuck up on us. We were just having some fun playing lacrosse for five years and bang it comes out of nowhere," he said.

He gives much of the credit to his teammates.

"I like to always say that I just put the ball there and they do the rest of the work," he said.

Jared's older brother Tucker is the head coach at Pfeiffer University and said that with all of the uncertainty in the past year, he's happy his brother was able to break the record.

"Just such a difficult year and it's cool that he was able to get that. It still hasn't full resonated," the elder Nelson said.

Jared's key to his success is focusing on the fun of the game.

"I've just played this game out of the love of the game, out of the love of playing with these guys and just doing it. It's always fun being an athlete and it's a lot more fun being a college athlete," Nelson said.

Jared's older brother Jake is also a Vestal alum, and won a national championship in May with Le Moyne College.

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