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4th of July weekend sets travel records

(WBNG) -- July 4th weekend celebrated Independence Day and Americans used their freedom to travel in record numbers.

While over 3.5 million people chose to fly, 43.6 million people traveled via the roads, which was an all-time record.

For many, it was a chance to celebrate with family and friends without being limited to screens or masks.

Virginia couple Janine and Derek Kaufman said it was actually the first time they got to see family members in person since the pandemic started.

"It was actually the first time we got to see everyone some of our cousins and stuff since everything happened so it was nice," Janine said.

Derek said it was the human interaction over this pandemic, that he missed most.

It just feels good to get like a hug from people you haven't seen in a while and just be somewhat normal when you're talking." He said. "It's not like you are leaning back you are actually leaning in to talk to people so just that normalcy is kind of coming back."

According to Triple-A, this weekend travel comes despite the national average for gas reaching its highest point since 2014.

Casey Honigbaum

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