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‘It was terrifying’: Endwell family recounts storm’s impact

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ENDWELL (WBNG) – For Judy Goldschmidt and her family, the oak and maple trees outside of her home were staples of her property, standing high into the sky.

But after the severe thunderstorms rolled through the Southern Tier on Wednesday, those trees were laying across her front yard.

“My son and I were in the basement watching “Loki”, and we heard this roaring sound,” Goldschmidt said. “We thought it was the show, and it was not the show."

Instead, the noise was the wind and rain blowing, as well as her beloved trees toppled over.

“To lose these trees is heart-breaking to me,” she said. “This was the strongest, fiercest, thunderstorm that I've ever been through.”

Goldschmidt went outside to assess the damage, and luckily, the trees and debris didn’t touch any of the six cars parked and left only a slight knock on the house.

“Oh it's a miracle!” she exclaimed. "One tree fell right next to my daughter's Subaru, and not a scratch on it. I'm just grateful that [my family is] okay and that our property is okay."

Goldschmidt called in loggers from Pennsylvania to help remove some of the fallen trees, and take it back for the wood to be repurposed into furniture or buildings.

Her friend and contractor Scott McCormick came out to help her remove some of the debris in the yard, and told 12 News it could be days before it’s all cleared.

Cal Dymowski

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