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Windsor CSD receives over $90,000 Agriculture Grant


WINDSOR (WBNG) -- The Windsor Central School District is receiving funding to help with their growing agriculture program. The school is one of many to receive the latest round of 'national farm to school' grant money through the U-S Department of Agriculture.

Assistant Superintendent Scott Beattie says Windsor received over $90,000 from this grant.
The money will be put towards expanding programs that help students grow food that is used in the cafeteria.
It will also help the district hire someone to watch grow schedules of their plants.
Beattie mentions this program has become very popular with their students.

"Just the draw to come to school for something that's meaningful i mean often times i think at least from my own experience and going through school you're not really seeing the why behind what you're doing in the classroom. This puts it all together."

The program now has over 70 students signed up for agriculture related courses at the school starting in the fall.

Alex Ladstatter

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