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Vestal Public Library holds pet contest

Vestal Publci Library

VESTAL (WBNG) -- Do you love cute animals? Because the Vestal Public Library wants to know which of their pets are the cutest.

Every Wednesday until August 11, anyone can vote on the Library's Instagram page for which pet should win the cutest pet award.

The summer reading theme for the library happens to be "Tales and Tails," which is right in line with the animal competition.

The organizer of the contest Kelly Cargill said that the summer reading theme made it an obvious choice to have a contest to showcase people's pets.

"I know a lot of our staff vestal staff have pets and they love their pets they are obsessed with them," she said. "People love looking at cute pictures of animals on the internet so it was kind of an easy segway."

Casey Honigbaum

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