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Local waterfront revitalization program wants to hear from you


(WBNG) -- The Broome County Local Waterfront Revitalization Program is holding multiple pop-up events for the community to learn, ask questions and provide feedback about proposed waterfront projects.

This project was designed for the community to be able to have a voice in what they want, to be able to have a more untied waterfront. This project takes about a year of preparation that will result in a planning document, based heavily on community-driven information and feedback. 

The project includes an overall look at the waterfront and the development of things such as recreational river use and flood mitigation. The plan was funded by the New York State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program through the Department of State.

Broome County's Director of Planning Beth Lucas said waterways are important to our area.

"From environmental protection to tourism, and economic development, we have such a rich history in our waterfront area, so they really can be an asset to the community," Lucas said. "Especially in an area like ours where they pose such a threat of flooding and so on, we really wanna look for ways where we can manage that threat."

For more information about Broome Waterfront Meetings, click here.

Kayla Madison


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