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National ‘Make-A-Will’ Month: Tips and advice listed here

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- It's National Make-A-Will Month in the United States. For some, the process of starting or completing such a heavy document can be intimidating.

However, one partner at Coughling and Gerhart LLP, Kristen Luce, says it's never too early to start your will. Luce says anyone over 18 years of age can begin the process of creating a will.

Any life event can be the deciding factor on when to get started, such as marriage, a death in the family or divorce.

Luce says there's a large difference between a traditional and living will. A traditional will includes what will happen to a property when you pass away. A living will, on the other hand, highlights what you want to happen during your end of life care.

She says in New York State, many will go with a medical proxy versus a living will. The partner also adds that the only way a will can be valid is by having two witnesses that are not included in the will itself.

Alex Ladstatter

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