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What’s the ‘buzz’ about beekeeping? A local take on the hobby

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OXFORD (WBNG) -- It's a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular with superstars, and no, it's not the latest workout routine or fancy diet. You might even want to call it a trend, but as the Education Director for 'Kutik's Everything Bee's' Jeff Barnes says beekeeping is more than what meets the eye.

"Yes, it's a hot topic right now but as people get more involved, they're going to say to themselves why wasn't I doing this all along? I feel better, I live longer, I'm teaching my youth valuable skills about being one with the Earth."

He adds that he appreciates the viral spotlight that beekeeping has taken on recently.

"We'll take all the support we can get. Beekeepers need all the attention they can get, just even knowing the difference between real honey and fake honey and spending a couple of extra dollars with your local beekeeper than with going to your mega-chain store and buying fake honey."

Barnes says the pandemic and a decrease in honey bees both play a role in the increased interest in beekeeping.

"You know people are concerned and there's a problem that people really can't put their finger on it or articulate it fully so they're starting to ask themselves, 'I can't help what's going on around me but how can I help on a local level?'."

Barnes says if you are interested in getting involved with beekeeping you should get in touch with your local beekeeping organizations.

"The first thing is education, it's not the easiest hobby; it's super rewarding and it brings you back in touch with nature but like everything else, you need to be educated."

If you aren't ready for the responsibility but want to help with the bee population, Barnes says the best thing to do is to plant flowers that are good for pollinators.

For more information on how you can become a beekeeper or take it up as a hobby you can visit: Everything Bees — Kutik's (

Alex Ladstatter

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