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How your children and your food could be impacted by a pesticide you may have at home

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(WBNG) -- The most commonly used insecticide in the U.S. might be harming your kids similarly to lead, fetal alcohol syndrome, and now-banned PFAs.

Known as neonicotinoid, experts testified before the New York State Assembly the pesticide has been detected in upwards of 50% of all people; the assembly held a hearing Monday to determine if the use of neonicotinoids should be limited in the state.

Used as an insecticide, experts said it targets similar receptors found in humans, and added this is especially dangerous for young children.

"Infants in the womb, children in the early years after birth, all of their organ systems are very rapidly going through extraordinarily complex processes of development; because these processes are so highly complex, they're easily disrupted as we've seen over the decades in so many instances," said Dr. Phillip Landrigan, a former pediatrician and current professor of biology at Boston College.

It's not just humans that are potentially directly impacted either.

A 2017 report from the Center for Biological Diversity found 40% of all pollinators, especially bees, are facing extinction; this would have a catastrophic on our food supply.

The state legislature has provided funding via New York's Environmental Protection Fund to study if neonicotinoids are responsible in any way.

Josh Rosenblatt

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