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Oxtoberfest aims to bring more than just vendors to its village


OXFORD (WBNG) -- In just a week the small village and town of Oxford will be bustling with people, vendors, food, and entertainment. A native of the area, Sarah Smith is also a member of 'Promote Oxford Now' an organization that is helping to put on a fall festival.

"We always thought well why can't we do that why can't we have an event for our community we love our community and we think it's important for our kids and the next generation to have these events."

After seeing how the Pumpkin Festival impacted the city of Norwich Smith and others from the community wanted to bring something special to oxford a well -- that's when 'Oxtoberfest' was born.
The celebration takes place in the village square known as Lafayette Park with performers, a bubble man, pie-eating contests, and even a scarecrow contest. Smith says as a small business owner herself, the festival helps out a lot

"It means everything especially because of COVID, we had to shut down during the pandemic Gallery 321 which is what I owned was closed from March until June it was really tough getting new people into the community is really important getting them to see what an amazing small community we have and hopefully."

The event is meant to honor the fall season but smith says it has an even greater effect.

"I mean it is an open house for people to come and see what we're all about to see what a beautiful community we have with such beautiful houses and great people great restaurants and again small businesses and I think people could see themselves living here."

She says she hopes the festival will draw good crowds this year but also inspire some to stay.

Alex Ladstatter

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