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Susquehanna Depot Borough celebrates opening of new riverfront park

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Mike Blakeslee

SUSQUEHANNA, PA. (WBNG) -- The Susquehanna Depot Borough held a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting for their new Ira-Reynolds Riverfront Park.

This park was a collaboration with Pennsylvania's: Department of Community and Economic Development, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Department of Environmental Conservation. These three entities partnered with Susquehanna Depot Borough to turn a once barren and contaminated rail yard into a 14-acre riverfront park. 

All in all, the project took over 10 years. In addition to members of the public, agencies from State, County, and the local level came together to celebrate the moment. 

The Ira-Reynolds Riverfront Park was named after Mr. Ira-Reynolds, a long-time resident of Susquehanna Depot, who passed away with a 90-year pin from Boy Scouts of America.

A local advocate for the outdoors, community development, and helping people, the park received a monument from Gannon Dooner, a scout who created the monument as part of his eagle scout project.

Susquehanna looks forward to its annual summer events series as well as further developments in the park.

Scott Sasina

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