Run, Crawl, Sprint and Splash at the Mud Gauntlet 5K obstacle course

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Newbsanity has been hosting the Mud Gauntlet for five years and it has grown each year with adding new obstacles and new participants.

Jarrett Newby, co-owner of Newbsanity says this is a family affair. Even though they have day jobs, Jarrett says his step-mother, father and wife all work on the obstacle course after work and on weekends ahead of the big day, which is May 11 this year. “We do this because we love it and we love supporting the non profits in our area,” says Newby.

After the storms and the winter there’s a lot of work to be done to get it ready. Removing sticks, making sure the obstacles are safe and even building new obstacles, which is what Jarrett says they try to do every year. “We build obstacles to give people that excitement factor. We always want there to be a new obstacle when the Mud Gauntlet rolls around. So we got a new obstacle, it’s coming this year. You guys can’t see it today, but it’s going to be really awesome. We’re super excited about it and we talk about showcase obstacles and that’s certainly one of them.”

The Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet is a very tough and challenging course but offers options on many of the extreme obstacles. This 5K layout winds around 40 acres of natural terrain in which you’ll encounter many natural and man-made obstacles.

Kara Conrad was able to experience some of the obstacles like the Shark Attack, Muddy Moat, Learning the Ropes and the Frog Pit.

If this race seems intimidating, not to worry, you’ll get to choose your difficulty level by taking either the Risk and Reward path or the Tried and True path. This allows for the seasoned athlete and the first-timer to compete together, side‑by‑side.

The Mud Gauntlet is also a fundraiser for the Southern Tier AIDS Program. 100% of the proceeds from the Mud Gauntlet benefit the organization, staying here in our eight-county region, helping to make our community a healthy place to live, work and grow.

The Mud Gauntlet is May 11. To register go online. There are trainings held by Jarrett and his wife during the week. Newbsanity is located on 790 Dunham Hill Road, Binghamton.

Kara Conrad

Kara Conrad

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