Financial Tip: Older Power of Attorney

Have you gone to a financial institution with a Power of Attorney in hand and had them choose not to accept it? What to do?

Financial Tip: Arithmetic of Loss

We all have plans for retirement in our future, but for those within 10 years or so from their retirement date, we do have some interesting math.

Financial Tip: Co-Signing Example

Last week we discussed the risks involved with co-signing for someone on a loan. This week we’re going expand on those risks with a real-life unfortunate example.

Financial Tip: When Do I Drop Collision Coverage?

Should you drop the Collision Coverage on your car? It’s clear that you’d save on insurance costs if you were to drop it, but Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group explains things you should consider before making that decision. 

Financial Tip: PEG Ratio

Over the last several weeks, weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group has shared with us some stock analysis tips, namely, Alpha, Beta and Sharpe Ratio.

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