Financial Tip: Market Peak

No one wants to buy when the market is high, right? But how long do you wait for the "low" to land?

Financial Tip: Capital Gains

Are you considering taking out some of the gains in your stock portfolio that you may have accumulated over this bull market? What might that mean to your tax bill? 

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Financial Tip: Dumb Money Moves

We all make a lot of money decisions that we think are good choices, at least they were at the time. Then, later when we have more information, it often turns out we could have made better choices.


Financial Tip: Start Your Financial Security

Whether it’s your broken water heater, an unexpected medical bill or a car wreck, emergencies happen to us all, but too many Americans are unprepared to cope with them, money-wise. Are you one of them? Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group gives us some advice. 

Financial Tip: Umbrella Policy

Protecting assets we’ve accumulated in our lifetime is equally as important as gathering those assets in the first place. Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group explains what this means. 

Financial Tip: Retiree Longevity

It’s become clear that retirees are living longer these days than in years past. How much longer and does that mean for retirement planning? Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group has some good news to share.   

Financial Tip: What To Do With An Old 401k

Do you have an old 401K lying around? Once you leave a job, you can no longer contribute to the fund, so the account just sits there. It can seem daunting to try to do anything about it. So what are your choices?

Financial Tip: Taxes on Sale of House

A number of us believe that if we sell our home, we must reinvest the money into a new home in order to avoid paying taxes on the gain. Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group gives us the scoop.  

Lake effect snow expected tonight

Lake effect snow expected tonight

Tonight: Lake effect snow showers. Accumulations: Up to 1” possible in persistent snow over higher elevations and on grass and

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