Financial Tip: Safe Deposit Box

Do you have a bank "safe deposit box"? If so, you may be surprised to find that it may not be the best place for a number of important items.

Financial Tip: Value of 1%

Redirecting a portion of discretionary spending away from minor indulgences like lattes and toward retirement savings would seemingly have little effect on the end result, but you’d be surprised. 

Financial Tip: Men vs. Women Retirement Costs

Men and women feel differently about savings patterns, spending habits, goals and even retirement-savings activities. To address these financial aspects of men and women we seek advice from weekly guest, Glen Wood, of The Glen Wood Financial Group.

Financial Tip: Longevity

Recent research conducted by the Society of Actuaries (SOA), revealed that older Americans are living longer than previously estimated. How much longer? 

Financial Tip: Keep the Faith

In the past couple of weeks the markets had the most volatility in two years. What may be happening?  Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group weighs in.

Financial Tip: Love and Money

Managing money issues within the family can often cause added family problems. Weekly guest, Glen Wood, of The Glen Wood Financial Group gives some tips to help smooth out the bickering. 

Financial Tip: January Barometer Effect

Does the month of January tell us anything about what may happen with the rest of the year in the markets? Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group gives us the answer.

Financial Tip: When to Drop Collision

Should you drop the “Collision Coverage” on your car insurance? What will happen if you do? Weekly guest, Glen Wood of The Glen Wood Financial Group explains.

Financial Tip: Stock Price and Total Return

You’re interested in purchasing some stock. You’re considering two companies. The first company’s current price per share is $50; the second company’s price per share is $10. If they are both projected to return 10%, which one should you buy?

Another bitterly cold night tonight

Another bitterly cold night tonight

How long will this true Arctic air be with us this week?

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