DIGGING DEEPER: Binghamton residents scammed by teens speak out

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — People scammed by teens selling stolen candy in a Binghamton neighborhood opened up to 12 News about their experience. 

Binghamton police say the area of Audubon Avenue has been targeted by the teenagers. 

12 News Reporter Josh Martin went door to door to see who he could find that has been victimized.

That area off of Binghamton south side is a quiet neighborhood. Many of its residents are retired. 

12 News tried several houses to see if we could find people who were scammed. 

Neighbors say this area is a popular place for kids to come during Halloween and its common for people to sell things door to door. 

A retired man let 12 News into his home to show us the candy bar he purchased a few weeks ago. He paid five dollars. He said it seemed legitimate, but with the recent news, now he doesn’t know for sure. 

Another neighbor shared their story. 

"I did buy the three candy bars but at the same time I was thinking that something just didn’t seem right because normally they will have a clipboard or something and something to track it with and this kid didn’t. He just had a cardboard box with the candy bars in it," he said. 

There were only a few people 12 News spoke with who fell victim to the scam. 

Now that the word is out, neighbors are on high alert.

Police say the teens have been targeting Binghamton’s east side and also neighborhoods along Vestal Avenue on the south side.

Officers tell us there have been five official reports of these boys going door to door, selling shoplifted candy bars or taking orders for Christmas decorations. Police tell us the children are described as two caucasian boys with brown hair and slim builds. 

One is approximately 11 or 12 years old and the other is approximately 13 or 14, according to police. 

Police say it’s possible the juveniles are brothers, but that has not been confirmed.

"They have the same M-O each time. They ring the door bell, sometimes they say ‘sorry it is so late we are raising money for either a school or a church’ and they either try to get you to pay cash to sign up for a fundraiser that doesn’t exist or they try and get you to buy candy bars," said Binghamton Police Lt. Michael Senio.



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