St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church not getting new organ or refund

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church had high hopes of installing a new organ soon. Except now, there’s no new organ and the parish is out $13,500.

The church explained in a bulletin why they are no longer getting a organ. The bulletin said the company, Martin Digital Organ, suddenly went out of business and can’t refund St. Paul’s at this time.

The bulletin reads in full:

“Unfortunately, the first week of March we received an email from Martin Digital Organ (located in California) that they were out of business. There were some major legal issues with one of their principle employees and they cannot continue in his absence. The parish had made a down payment of $13,500. We have contacted a lawyer and Martin Digital Organ was notified that we would expect a full refund. I believe the New York State Attorney General has also been notified. After receiving the lawyer’s letter, Martin Digital Organ responded via email that they were unable to return the down payment at this time, but they are working to maximize funds to refund customers. At this time, I do not know how this will playout. We have not begun planning for a new vendor.”

We reached out to Pastor Jon Werner, but he did not want to comment at this time. 12 News also tried contacting the organ company, however the phone number and website were out of service.

12 News did speak with parishioners, who were looking forward to the new organ.

“I’m rather biased because I am an organist but I think it’s such a wonderful instrument. It’s so essential to the liturgy,” Gavin Rice, from the town of Maine, said.

Rice is friends with St. Paul’s organist.

“He was extremely excited. I was excited. I was a little bit jealous and he was like, ‘you can play it when we get it,'”Rice said.

Although the situation is unfortunate, parishioners like Thomas Keenan, are remaining positive.

“This is my home. This is my parish,” Keenan a parishioner of 74 years said.

Keenan said he donated some money to pay for the new organ.

“We certainly could use one, but we’ll make do no matter what.”

Grace Gagnon

Grace Gagnon

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