Broome County Sheriff’s Office warns of burglaries while on vacation, says follow these tips

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BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — If you’re planning a vacation this summer, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office says prepare beforehand to avoid falling victim to burglary.

While summer means vacation for many, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office says with time off, comes risk.

Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Stapleton says, “We have had burglaries in the past where people have figured out that they’re not home and they burglarize someone’s house.”

To make sure you return from vacation to everything as you left it, Stapleton says hang on to those fun, family photos.

“If you have social media, it’s imperative that you don’t post that stuff until you get back, you just don’t want to give anybody the idea that you’re not home and that they could possibly go to your house and burglarize it or do anything to it.”

Not only does he say you should keep your social media under wraps, but also your home.

Stapleton advises keeping a couple of lights on, having someone pick up your mail and even letting a neighbor park in your driveway.

“A criminal might not go there because it appears that someone’s home,” says Stapleton.

While you’re on vacation, Stapleton says don’t carry a lot of cash and only a couple of credit cards.

Plus, follow the buddy system, “always be with another family member or friend so you know where you’re gonna be and where you’re going to go.”

For more from the sheriff’s office, visit their Facebook page here.

Julia Gorman

Julia Gorman

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