Local college students react to California shooting

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VESTAL (WBNG) — Although the shooting took place across the country, some students at Binghamton University say it still hits close to home.

That’s because the bar where the shooting was, was full of college students for its college country night.

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Students say when they head out for a night with their friends, it’s something that never usually crosses their mind.

“There were so many students in there, not expecting something like that to happen. I mean nobody ever expects something like that to happen,” said Binghamton University student Murphy Fauci.

Although the shooting happened so far away, students at BU were still processing the tragedy.

“Just because it’s all the way across the country, it could still happen here, because people go out to the bar every weekend and anything could happen,” said Binghamton University student Alex Pohlson.

Some students say even though they shouldn’t have to worry, they do.

“No one thinks it’s going to happen to them and, like, it so could. I want to just hangout and just like be a normal college student without having to worry about dying or like getting hurt. It’s like really scary,” said Binghamton University student Karen Dubin.

Some say when they go out they’ll try and be more aware of potential dangers.

“I would always have to be cautious of my surroundings and I feel like I know that’s important, but I shouldn’t have to worry about a potential shooting around me or a potential danger,” said Binghamton University student Nicholas Sagala.

While others say they won’t let another shooting stop them from living their life.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily something you should be scared or paranoid of and you shouldn’t change the way you live just because some psycho committed some act in California. But at the same time, my deepest condolences to the victims of that because no one should lose their life just having fun,” said Binghamton University student Lorenzo Davies.

Now students are demanding change.

“There needs to be more control over the gun laws in this nation. I know it has potential,” said Sagala.

“I mean I would honestly just like something to be done. With the election that just happened, a lot of people put their voices out there and hopefully people are going to try and make a change for something like this so it can just stop,” said Fauci.

Students agreed, tragedies like this happen too often. Some students added they think of their college and the surrounding area as their “safe place,” which makes it even more shocking to see something like the shooting in California.

Annabelle Flaherty

Annabelle Flaherty

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