What local residents are anticipating for President Trump’s prime-time speech

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – On Day 18 of the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump plans to address the nation, and Southern Tier residents are telling us what they hope to hear.

12 News spoke to some of you in downtown Binghamton before the speech on Tuesday.

“I think he’s doing an excellent job,” said James Troutman from Binghamton.

“Donald Trump! Get your butt out of the White House, we are tired of this,” said Magdalia Harris from Bronx, New York.

A big topic the president is planning to address is the government shutdown, which still has many of you talking.

“We gotta do something about our borders. There’s too much of, I hate to say it, Illegals, coming in the country. Do it the right way,” said Troutman.

“At the end of the day, nobody cares about the wall. These people are out there suffering because of a wall that he wants to put his name on,” said Magdalia.

While some are blaming the president for the shutdown, others are blaming democrats.

“From the beginning, Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall. Mexico is supposed to pay, not us,” said Magdalia.

“They haven’t been that great towards him so that’s his biggest problem. If they would bend a little bit, he would bend a little bit and everything would be fine, and we can get along and everything could get along smoothly. But they don’t want to,” said Troutman.

Differences aside, residents are hoping the president’s speech will help resolve the shutdown.

“I hope everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy on both sides. We’re Americans. Simple as that,” said Troutman.

Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown

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