Greater Binghamton Airport TSA employees face missing paychecks amid government shutdown

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TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at the Greater Binghamton Airport are facing the possibility of working without pay as the partial government shutdown continues.

According to the Federal Security Director, Bert Johnson, employees received their last paycheck on January 3 and says if the government shutdown lasts, the week of January 6 will be the first week employees do not get paid.

Despite the possibility of no pay, Mark Heefner, the deputy commissioner of aviation at the Greater Binghamton Airport, says TSA workers have not called out from work.

“Everyone is continuing to work. There’s not a lot of grumbling, obviously, when they’re not sure when their next paycheck will come. It’ll put a little bit of stress those financial and emotional strains, but for the most part our team is business as usual, status quo,” said Heefner.

Heefner attributes their continued work to their dedication to the job and community.

“Because we’re a smaller airport and have a smaller team, they get to see the same passengers, same travelers a lot and you build those relationships and you get to build those relationship in a small town feel,” he said, adding, ” the federal workforce that’s here is very dedicated, they take pride in their job and so they’re going to continue to do their job. They want to see this area succeed and this airport succeed.”

Johnson says the airlines have not changed their schedules meaning TSA workers will remain on the same schedules as usual.

Jackie Prager

Jackie Prager

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