Local community raises money to equip EMS with pet oxygen masks

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SIDNEY (WBNG) — Medical officials responded to a fire on Monday and performed life saving measures on one dog that got out. After learning about this, the Delaware Valley Humane Society took steps to help equip Sidney Emergency Medical Services with pet oxygen masks.

Dustin Miller, Sidney EMS training coordinator, was one of the officials who helped save the dog on Monday.

“We administered oxygen as best we could with the breather mask we have for humans and he came around a lot. He was very lethargic at first,” Miller said.

Miller said he used an oxygen mask meant for humans on the dog. While it worked in this case, Miller said a mask specifically designed for dogs are more effective.

“The masks we’re looking for are a special mask that go over the snout a little ways of the dog or the cat to administer the high flow oxygen,” Miller said.

Erin Insinga, manager of the Delaware Valley Humane Society, decided to step in.

“To do nothing was not an option for them,” Insinga said.

Insinga started a donation page on Facebook to raise money for the pet oxygen masks.

The page has raised more than $400 and will fund three pet oxygen masks. Insinga said she felt compelled to share this story and make a difference.

“I mean these are the men and women who would be coming here to help us if we needed them. They’d be the first responders on the scene if we had an emergency here or at home,” Insinga said.

Grace Gagnon

Grace Gagnon

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