Binghamton University research shows your genes could impact your marriage

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VESTAL (WBNG) —  New research out of Binghamton University suggests how you act in your relationship or marriage can come from your DNA.

BU Psychology Professor Richard Mattson and his colleagues conducted a study using local couples to see if their genes have an impact on how they support their significant other.

“What we found is that there is a particular gene one that is related to a hormone oxytocin that seemed relevant to how couples were supporting each other at the behavioral level as well as how they were perceiving that support they were receiving from their partners,” said Mattson.

Oxytocin is known as the ‘love’ hormone for its role in emotional support.

“We looked at several sites on the oxytocin receptor gene and we found that the ones that we looked at did impact partner behavior both in the ways that people we soliciting support as well as ways that they were providing support to their partner,” said Mattson.

That means, according to Mattson’s research, your genes could play a role in how you and your partner act and react in a romantic relationship.

“In theory there are some people who at the genetic level may be predetermined to be more adept at certain types of skills that are relevant to overall quality in marriage,” he said.

Chloe Vincente

Chloe Vincente

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