Dancing at rap concert damages floor, ceiling at Ithaca College

ITHACA, N.Y. (WBNG) — Officials at Ithaca College announced the Campus Center resumed normal operations Monday after it had to be closed Sunday for repairs needed following a rap concert.

During a “J.I.D” concert in Emerson Suites on Saturday, audience members began dancing by jumping in unison, according to staff.

“The movement resulted in some visible flexing of the floor and corresponding flexing of the ceiling in the IC Square food court one level below. Some sheet rock in the IC Square ceiling also cracked, and small pieces of it fell to the floor,” officials wrote on the college’s website. “Campus Center management and the Office of Public Safety worked with the performing artist to bring a stop to the jumping, and the show ended safely.”

The college said no one was hurt, but as a precaution engineers were brought in to conduct a structural assessment. The Ithaca College Office of Facilities made repairs to the IC Square ceiling, according to the website.

“There were several events scheduled for the Campus Center on Sunday, and the college worked with the sponsors to make alternative arrangements as needed,” officials added.

The rapper retweeted a post by the college about the matter, stating “Sorry Guys.”

Nicky Hickling

Nicky Hickling

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