TUESDAY AT 6: Are there harmful chemicals in your cosmetics?

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(WBNG) — Regulations on beauty care items aren’t as strict as you might think.

Experts say chemicals and toxins are present in many of the products you use and could have an impact on your health.

Dermatologists say formaldehyde and many other irritants in makeup and skincare products send people to their office everyday.

While it’s known that these chemicals cause reactions in many people, they’re still used in products.

Sometimes they’re even hidden with simpler names, like fragrance, which can actually contain thousands of chemicals in that one listed ingredient.

Fragrance makes us smell good,” Colleen Crandall, with Southern Tier Dermatology, said. “It makes everything smell prettier, but a large percentage of the population is allergic to fragrance.”

12 News’ Chloe Vincente spoke with local dermatologists about the dangers many common products can cause.

A woman who makes her own natural beauty care products also shows us why for her, making a switch has made all the difference.

Its a story you’ll only see Tuesday on 12 News at 6.

David Hermanovitch

David Hermanovitch

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