Binghamton University students react to UNC Charlotte shooting

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VESTAL (WBNG) — While Tuesday’s shooting happened in North Carolina, hundreds of miles away from the Southern Tier, students at Binghamton University say it still hits close to home.

Students say their campus is their safe place.

“It’s like a second home because you’re here for school and to live,” said freshman Zachary Braverman.

That’s what makes hearing about another school shooting in the U.S. even more heartbreaking.

“My feelings are with everyone at that school, it’s just scary in general knowing that could happen here,” said senior Jennifer Posner.

“This sort of thing shouldn’t happen on campus, because on campus we feel safe,” said graduate student Uday Punmiya.

Students say it’s not necessarily shocking.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t shock me. It’s been happening a lot recently, like mass shootings in general not just with schools,” said sophomore Shawn Shalumov.

“It’s sad but it’s really not as shocking anymore because so many are happening it’s just really upsetting that it keeps happening especially after the big one in Florida. Things just need to be done to change it,” said Posner.

While students say they consider the Binghamton University campus safe, they say they are aware that mass shootings happen.

“When I walk around here I feel safe at all times, but with these articles coming out every day with new shootings, it just makes me question how safe I really am,” said Shalumov.

Binghamton University officials say if something were to happen on campus, there is an emergency alert system in place to help students stay safe. That includes text and email alerts, as well as a campus-wide siren. The whole system was tested on Wednesday.

“It’s an opportunity for us to educate the campus and let them know all the systems we have and make sure they’re familiar with them so they know what to do if they do receive one of these alerts in an actual incident,” said Director of Emergency Management Dave Hubeny.

The school’s office of emergency management says it’s important steps are already in place to communicate with students.

“We’ve got a single push mushroom style button in our 9-1-1 dispatch center on campus so we can speed up the process of getting that first message out,” said Hubeny.

While the system hopefully doesn’t have to be used for a real-life incident, students say it’s reassuring to know their safety is a priority.

Annabelle Flaherty

Annabelle Flaherty

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