Three sisters, three valedictorians, one family

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CONKLIN (WBNG) — After Susquehanna Valley High School Senior, Kristen Allen, was named Valedictorian of her class, her family had to celebrate, not only for her, but because she was the third sister in her family to get the title.

The oldest sister, Stephanie, the middle, Julia, and the youngest, Kristen are all pretty close siblings. What makes them even closer is they have all received the honor of being the valedictorian of their graduating class at Susquehanna Valley High School.

“I was obviously excited,” said Julia Allen. “It was a culmination point of a lot of hard work.”

While each sister followed in the footsteps of the one before them, they still went into different fields. Stephanie is currently getting her PhD in math at University of Maryland. Meanwhile, Julia just graduated from Cornell University and Kristen will soon be heading to Binghamton University.

“It was a big relief, big weight, just because it was something that our family talked about for so long,” said Kristen.

“It was a lot to live up to,” said Stephanie.

“We would joke about having a ‘threepeat’ so you know having the three valedictorians in our family,” said Julia. “Our dad talked about it a little bit when Stephanie got it that it would be cool if we had a ‘threepeat,’ so that would be the joke around the dinner table.”

While the pressure was there, the sisters say they got through it together.

“We’re all each other’s cheerleaders regardless of how different our chosen fields are and you know we have different fields and unifying factors like this valedictorian title,” said Julia.

Kristen will be heading to Binghamton University in the Fall to start her degree in biomedical engineering.

Anne Sparaco

Anne Sparaco

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