Binghamton University hosts active shooter training simulation

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VESTAL (WBNG) — Campus police officers held an active shooter training simulation and taught participants how to calmly respond in the event of an incident.

Authorities say that there have been 212 mass shooting incidents in 2019 alone, and about 20% of active shooter situations occur on a college campus.

“As these events happen, as they garner greater media attention throughout the country, I think it’s important that people prepare,” said Ryan Gennarelli, a Binghamton University police officer.

The training session included showing a video that detailed specific responses to an active shooter situation.

“The three basic principles are run, hide, fight,” said Gennarelli.

Police say that in the event of an active shooter, you should first find an immediate escape route that does not cross paths with the shooter. You should also leave all belongings behind, and prevent people from entering the area.

If you are unable to run away, authorities recommend that you find a place to hide that is out of range of the shooter. The hiding spot should be non-confining in the event that you need to escape.

If running or hiding are not viable options, police say you should fight back, and be aggressive. The training simulation included practicing throwing things at the active shooter to make an escape.

Police say one of the biggest problems in active shooter situations is not reacting fast enough. Instead of questioning whether or not you heard a gun shot, move immediately.

“My job is to save lives, period. If I can do that through education and make people prepared if the event ever happens, then there’s lives saved there,” said Gennarelli.

Katie Jones

Katie Jones

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