Ex-roommate of accused killer says he didn’t kill student

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The ex-roommate of the Philadelphia man accused of killing Temple University student Jenna Burleigh says he was asleep in his room at the time prosecutors say she was beaten, stabbed and strangled.

The attorneys for 30-year-old Joshua Hupperterz had contended 24-year-old Jack Miley was the actual killer of 22-year-old Burleigh — a claim that authorities say is a lie.

Philly.com reports Miley took the stand Thursday, telling jurors in his former roommate’s trial that he was asleep throughout the night in question.

Miley tells jurors he drank heavily that night and ingested Xanax and marijuana before falling asleep just after midnight. He says he awoke the afternoon of Aug. 31 to find Hupperterz cleaning up blood.

Hupperterz is accused of killing Burleigh after she cut a sexual encounter short. Hupperterz admits he tried to hide Burleigh’s body.

Associated Press
Associated Press

Associated Press

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