Tenney-Brindisi gap shrinks after uncounted votes are tallied

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG/WTVH) — Some Broome County votes were not counted on election night due an issue with a voting machine, resulting in some votes being counted the next day, election officials say.

According to the Broome County Board of Elections, the issue with one voting machine in the town of Barker caused those votes to not be reflected in the unofficial election results on Tuesday.

Following the counting of those votes, election officials say Rep. Claudia Tenney has gained some ground in her race against Anthony Brindisi for the 22nd Congressional District seat.

The unofficial results had Tenney 1,422 votes behind Brindisi. According to the New York State Board of Elections on Thursday, Brindisi’s lead is down to 1,293 votes.

There are around 13,000 absentee or affidavit ballots that still need to be counted in the 22nd district, with at least 5,646 of those coming from Broome County, which will be counted on Wednesday starting at 9 a.m. in the Board of Elections Auditorium. It’s located on the second floor of the Broome County Office Building, and open to the public.

Blaise said 4,084 absentee ballots, and 1,562 affidavit ballots will be counted on Wednesday.

“This is a very tight race and what happens in our county on Wednesday and other counties in the district could swing the race one way or the other,” said Broome County Board of Elections Republican Commissioner, Oliver Blaise III.

Blaise said 1,009 absentee ballots have gone unclaimed. This could mean they were either not sent back or the voters decided to vote in person, however Blaise believe 100, at most, of those will actually be returned.

“The closeness of this race just demonstrates to voters, hopefully, that every vote counts,” said Blaise III.

Tenney’ campaign released a statement to 12 News that says in part:

“With over ten thousand absentee ballots left to count, this race is still too close to call. Over the next few days and weeks our team will participate in the re-canvass process and review the absentee ballots.”

Blaise III said Tenney could request a recount even after the affidavit and absentee ballots are counted.

“We’re confident after all absentees are counted it will still be in our favor,” Brindisi told 12 News on Thursday. “If you look at where a lot of these absentees are coming out of, they’re coming out of places like right here in Broome County where we’ve performed very well in the election.”

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