What local residents hope to hear during the State of the Union Address

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Residents in our area are making their voices heard ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

Many gave their opinions to 12 News on the current state of the country.

“It’s at a standstill. President Trump is doing different things to make it better but yet with the shutdown it’s making it a lot harder to do things,” said Bert Dorfman of Binghamton.

“I think it’s in decent shape, fair shape but because of the political situation. There is cause for worry,” said George Shea of Binghamton.

“I believe we are in a real sad state. The president is not what the president should be. He is out of touch with reality and with the people,” said Chuck Brandow of Binghamton.

A big topic President Trump plans to address is border security. It’s a topic that has mixed reaction from residents.

“I used to live in Tuscon and there’s got to be a border wall put up. I got a lot of Mexican friends, trust me, beautiful people. But a lot of crud balls come across and they are costing a fortune,” said Scott Cleary of Johnson City. “With the crime they are committing, the country has to get up and do for itself, everybody or we are going to lose it.”

“My grandfather is an immigrant so I get it,” said Stefan Oliveira of Endicott. “Should you do it legally? Yeah. But do I understand the plight of the person that’s coming from really bad situations like ‘I want to make a better life and there’s a lot of benefits I can get by coming to America.’ I can’t fault that person”.

This divided issue in Congress could once again start another partial government shutdown.

Many in our area hope President Trump finds other ways to make the wall, while others think a wall isn’t worth the trouble.

Both sides agree that a shutdown should never happen.

“There’s better ways to go about doing it. If he wants to declare national emergency, that’s like kicking sand in the sandbox with other kids. It’s inappropriate,” said Crae Wilkins, a Binghamton University student from Hudson Valley.

“It’s absolutely absurd. Get over it, get past it and build these walls!” said Cleary.

“I think we need a wall but not a physical wall. It can be a lot of defensive strategies to keep the immigration clean,” said Brandow.

Many residents hope President Trump will address other big issues during the speech.

“We all know about the border issue, that’s major, but there’s other issues. The infrastructure, the tax cuts, healthcare for example,” said Shea.

“I’d love for him to focus on things that actually matter to real Americans, you know, getting middle class tax cuts, and improving the middle class and bringing people out of poverty,” said Wilkins.

Everyone we spoke to says they hope to hear a message of unity in Congress.

“I hope he shows an attitude of wanting to work with the other party,” said Shea.

12 News spoke with Democratic Congressman Anthony Brindisi and asked him what is he expecting for tonight’s speech.

“Something I’d like to hear tonight is how we can work together. I hope he delivers a message of bipartisanship and unity. I’m going to look for areas where we can work together to create more opportunities for upstate New Yorkers,” said Brindisi.

You can watch the State of the Union Address live starting at 9 p.m. Tuesday on WBNG

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