A closer look at zoo safety after Kansas zookeeper attacked by tiger

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News took a closer look at zookeeper safety after a woman was attacked by a tiger at a Kansas zoo Saturday morning.

Hearing the story of the zookeeper attacked in Topeka, Kansas, Binghamton Zookeeper Miranda Fink says, “it’s always sad to hear when a keeper gets injured on the job.”

Describing the incident, Topeka Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said, “It’s a normal part of the daily process for her to enter that space, to clean it, to maintain it, to put out enrichment items. What’s not normal is that Sanjiv also found access to that space at the same time.”

While the zoo investigates the attack, Fink works to keep zookeepers and animals as safe as possible.

She says there is always a barrier between the two and staff use a radio system when working with animals.

“When they’re inside we make sure they’re locked inside, we’re always super careful about checking our locks, knowing exactly where they are so we can go outside and service their yard and place enrichment and food and everything,” said Fink.

Despite all the safety precautions, she says there is still anxiety associated with her work.

When it comes to interacting with their snow leopard, “he would probably hurt me very badly or possibly kill me.”

Julia Gorman

Julia Gorman

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