Sentencing pushed back for man accused in Lisle attack

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A judge is taking a little more time in deciding the fate of a man who pleaded guilty to attacking a Lisle man at his home in 2018.

Thomas Sessions appeared in court Tuesday morning for a sentencing hearing in front of Judge Joseph Cawley.

Court officials say Sessions accepted a plea deal in March for attempted assault, after police say the 26-year-old knocked on the victim’s door in the Lisle, and told the man his vehicle broke down. The incident took place in March 2018.

State police say Sessions struck the victim in the head, then took off. Sessions was found in Arizona three months later.

According to the Broome County Court Clerk’s office, Cawley wanted more time to decide on a sentence.

In court Tuesday morning, the Crime Victims Assistance Center read an impact statement on behalf of the victim, the clerk’s office added. According to the statement, which was sent to 12 News by the victim and confirmed by CVAC, the victim is seeking either a trial for Sessions or a new plea deal which “carries a more appropriate term of imprisonment.”

Sessions was originally indicted on attempted murder and assault charges.

The sentencing hearing was adjourned to June 18.

David Hermanovitch

David Hermanovitch

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