“BUNY in the Parks” campaign encourages state park visitors to buckle-up

(WBNG) — The New York State Police and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee are partnering to ensure visitors at state parks buckle up properly and drive safely.

The “BUNY in the Parks” campaign will take place within state parks between July 13 and August 12. The campaign is to enforce and educate people about the proper use of seat belts.  It also aims to teach people about securing children in proper safety seats. 

“We want the public to enjoy their summer outings but we want them to do so safely,” said New York State Police Superintendent Keith M. Corlett.  “Motorists must remember that proper use of seat belts and child safety seats reduces the risk of injuries and save lives, especially when it comes to our children.”

Data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that, of the 794 children that were killed in fatal crashes in 2017, 37 percent were unrestrained. According to the NHTSA, among children under five years old, an estimated 325 lives were saved in 2017 by restraint use.

New York was the first state to enact a primary seat belt law in 1985.

Photo Source: MGN Online

WBNG Staff

WBNG Staff

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