Severely injured turtle finds temporary home with Norwich veterinarian

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(WBNG) — A veterinarian in Norwich went through great lengths to save a turtle she found in the road.

Dr. Stevi Culverwell was driving to Rome one day when she came across a turtle in the road. She stopped to move him and when she got out of her car, she noticed that his shell was actually fractured in 3 different places.

Turtle shells can sometimes self-repair if the extent of the damage is not too severe, however that was not the case for this turtle.

Dr. Culverwell brought him to her clinic and began repairs.

“We actually had to repair the shell, so, numbing agents so he actually couldn’t feel that and get it re-positioned so it was back into normal location,” she said. “We used epoxy and a zip tie and also tape to make sure it stayed perfectly aligned. He got injectable antibiotics and also got injectable pain and anti-inflamatory medication.”

The turtle, who has been nicknamed Splash Gordon, will stay at the clinic until his shell is fully healed, and they plan to release him in a pond far away from any roads.

Dr. Culverwell wants to let the public know that if you see a turtle crossing the road, help them out. Pick them up and move them in the direction they were already going (if you know the turtle is a safe species).

WBNG Staff

WBNG Staff

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