Lucas Scott – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) — It’s been business as usual for the Chenango Forks football team in 2018. Two games, two victories, two dominating performances. On the field, it seems like any other season for the Blue Devils, but Forks is doing it all without Jeremiah Allen, its first team All-State running back. Enter Lucas Scott, a six-foot-three 240-pound sophomore, who has made sure the Blue Devils haven’t skipped a beat. 

"That kid, that kid is an animal," said Chenango Forks senior quarterback Jakob Topa. 

Scott has been plowing through opposing defense. 

"(He’s been) huge," said Chenango Forks head coach Dave Hogan. "Even bigger this week, I think"

Scott ran for five touchdowns in 12 Sports’ Game of the Week against Norwich, tying the school record. 

"I’m not the fastest, but I know I’m bigger than most defensive backs and safeties," said Chenango Forks sophomore fullback Lucas Scott. "So, I just count on my line to get all the big guys and scary guys out of the way and I just run over the little guys."

Chenango Forks is accustomed to talented back, but no one quite as imposing as Scott. 

"He’s tall, strong, keeps those legs moving," said Hogan. "No, I don’t think we’ve had anybody quite like him, at least in the time I’ve been here."

With Jeremiah Allen out, Scott has stepped up, scoring eight times in the first two games. 

"I was surprised that it’s happened this quickly," said Hogan. "He’s really progressed and I think he has a lot of room for improvement, believe it or not, which is not good for other teams."

For the Forks sophomore, he’s just living out his dream. 

"I use to always be ball boy here," said Scott. "So, I use to always get those pamphlets, the Forks books, and how big I use to think all the football players were and now it’s so cool to see myself in there."

Playing a sport he loves because he grew up watching it with his dad. 

"I remember when I was little, I use to watch my dad’s old film from when he use to play in high school and I just always wanted to play since." said Scott.

Scott also recovered a key fumble Saturday in Forks’ victory.

"I just love hitting kids," said Scott.

"He’s breaking a lot of tackles and running people over and I wouldn’t want to tackle him, that’s for sure," said Hogan.

Jeremiah Allen, who Scott is filling in for as the lead back, was cleared for practice Tuesday, but is not cleared for yet. Scott will lead the way for Forks again Friday night on the road at Owego at 7 p.m. 

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