Jarred Freije – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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CONKLIN (WBNG) — Jarred Freije was inserted into the lineup at quarterback as a freshman for Susquehanna Valley in a Section IV playoff game and since then, Freije has been the Sabers’ leader on the football field. Friday night, the now senior, was at his very best as SV shut out Newark Valley in 12 Sports’ Game of the Week, earning him 12 Sports’ Athlete of the Week, but this Saber is much more than just a quarterback.

Jarred Freije went 63 yards, bursting through numerous defenders for the first score of the game Friday night.

“It’s great to see him get out there and run,” said Susquehanna Valley head coach Mike Ford. “Sometimes in his early progression as a quarterback, he thought he had to pass being a quarterback. We were reminding him all the time, ‘hey, you were a fullback’ and man he showed it the other day. Just running through those tackles and just sprinting down the field. Definitely a duel weapon we hope to see more of too.”

The touchdown gave the Savers all the confidence they needed to knock off Newark Valley.

“(I was thinking) that we got it,” said Susquehanna Valley senior running back Josh Rudock. “We got the game. I think seeing him do that showed us all that, what we can dream of and what we want to be, want to happen, can happen.”

Leading by example, just one of the many benefits of having a quarterback in his third full season as the starter.

“He’s amazing,” said Rudock. “He always makes you stay on top of your work. If you mess up in the field, he doesn’t get on you in a negative way, but he makes sure you know what you’re doing.”

Scoring touchdowns is fun, but it’s playing linebacker that really fires up Freije.

“Defense, I definitely think is the best part about football,” said Susquehanna Valley senior quarterback Jarred Freije. “It lets us just be mean and nasty and violent and just go wild out there.”

For head coach Mike Ford, the decision to let his QB play both ways is an easy one.

“Because we want to win games,” said Ford. “Jarred is a force out there. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s smart, he’s athletic and he can really shut down the edges for us defensively.”

Right now, that Sabers defense hasn’t allowed a single point on their new turf field.

“Every game we come out here and we preach that this is our field and nobody is going to score on our field or gain a yard on our field,” said Freije. “But, we just work hard to uphold that.”

“Toward the end of the game, no points on this field,” said Rudock. “So, that’s our mentality. To be the best, to be the meanest, to be the strongest on the field.”

Susquehanna Valley’s defense is allowing ten points a game through six games. The Sabers look to stay undefeated when they travel to Harpursville/Afton Saturday afternoon. Kickoff scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

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